Belt Clip 12

Belt Clip Receiver

Neptune’s latest walk-by data collector, the R900® Belt Clip Receiver (R900 BCR), provides the most advanced feature set of any
walk-by product on the market.

From basic meter reading functions to exciting new smart phone apps, the R900 BCR is yet another example of Neptune’s commitment to maintain legacy product compatibility while continuing to introduce new features and technology.

Historically, receivers for walk-by meter reading were integrated into the handheld; but with this separate Bluetooth-paired transceiver, Neptune can ensure utilities’ longer-term compatibility with rapidly changing handheld technology. Additionally, utilizing a separate device allows the capabilities of the receiver to be increased. In fact, the R900 BCR has a 50-channel receiver capable of processing eight readings simultaneously and 70 readings per second. With such a powerful receiver, readings in range are processed more quickly which increases efficiency and maximizes Message Success Rate (MSR), especially in high-density R900 environments.

With Neptune’s ARB® Utility Management Systems™, utilities can read their meters using a variety of data collection technologies – walk-by, mobile, or fixed network. The R900 BCR, when connected to a Trimble Nomad or CE5320B handheld, allows the meter reader to collect readings from Advantage and Pocket ProReader probes or via radio frequency (RF) from the R900 MIU. This walk-by solution can be used as the primary method of data collection or to supplement an R900 mobile AMR or R900 fixed network AMI system.

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