HP Turbine

HP Turbine water meters offer some of the widest flow ranges of any turbine meters on the market.

All HP Turbine water meters meet or exceed the latest performance and accuracy requirements of AWWA C701 and maximum continuous flow rates may be exceeded by as much as 25% for intermittent periods. Each HP Turbine consists of a rugged no-lead high copper alloy maincase, an AWWA Class II turbine measuring element, and a roll-sealed register. The maincase is corrosion resistant, lightweight, and compact. Inlet and outlet connections are flanged.

Strainers are available to prevent debris from entering the meter and to reduce the effects of uneven water flow due to upstream piping variations. The Unitized Measuring Element (UME) allows for quick, easy, in-line interchangeability. Water volume is measured accurately at all flows by a specially designed assembly.

The hydrodynamically balanced thrust compensated rotor relieves pressure on the thrust bearings to minimize wear and provide sustained accuracy over an extended operating life. Direct coupling of the rotor to the gear train eliminates revenue loss due to slippage during fast starts and line surges. A calibration vane allows in-field calibration of the UME to lengthen service life and to ensure accurate registration. The roll-sealed register eliminates leaking and fogging. A magnetic drive couples the register with the measuring element. The HP Turbine water meter is designed for applications where flow rates are consistently moderate to high.