HP Protectus 12.18

Protectus III

The HP PROTECTUS® III S fire service meter measures extremely wide flow ranges at 100% ± 1.5% accuracy. All HP fire service meters meet or exceed AWWA C703 Standard, are certified to NSF/ANSI 61, Annex G and Annex F requirements, and are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed and Factory Manual (FM) Approved for fire service use.

The HP PROTECTUS III S fire service meter is designed to measure both domestic and fire service water usage through a single water line. A typical application would be in a warehouse, hotel, or hospital where one water line may supply any number of faucets or bathrooms as well as an automatic sprinkler system.

At low flow rates, all flow is through the bypass meter. As flow increases, pressure loss through the bypass meter increases and the detector check valve automatically opens. This condition occurs, for example, when a fire sprinkler system goes into operation. This permits flow through the mainline turbine meter. As flow decreases, reduced pressure loss closes the detector check valve and flow is again directed through the bypass meter.

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