R450 E-coder/MIU

The E-Coder®)R450i ™ combines the high-power, two-way radio frequency (RF) R450™ meter interface unit (MIU) with our E-Coder® solid state absolute encoder into one integrated package to offer utilities the advantages associated with ease and speed of installation. The E-Coder)R450i does not have any external wires to be installed. Designed for pit applications, the high-power RF transmission reduces the number of collectors, thereby lowering a utility’s overall deployment cost.

The R450 Meter Interface Unit (MIU) is a high-power, two-way radio frequency (RF) meter data collection device designed specifically for use with Neptune’s ARB® FixedBase System for water utilities. Designed for both wall and pit applications, the high-power radio frequency (RF) transmission optimizes the number of collectors, thereby lowering the utility’s overall deployment cost.

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