T10 – Small

Every T-10 water meter meets or exceeds the latest AWWA C700 Standard. Its nutating disc, positive displacement principle has been time-proven for accuracy and dependability since 1892, ensuring maximum utility revenue.

The T-10 water meter consists of three major assemblies: a register, a lead free high copper alloy maincase, and a nutating disc measuring chamber.

The T-10 meter is available with a variety of register types. For reading convenience, the register can be mounted in one of four positions on the meter.

The corrosion-resistant lead free high copper alloy maincase will withstand most service conditions; internal water pressure, rough handling, and in-line piping stress.

The innovative floating chamber design of the nutating disc measuring element protects the chamber from frost damage while the unique chamber seal extends the low flow accuracy by sealing the chamber outlet port to the maincase outlet port. The nutating disc measuring element utilizes corrosionresistant materials throughout and a thrust roller to minimize wear.

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