Trimble Nomad

The Trimble Nomad (Nomad), powered by Neptune’s N_SIGHT™ R900® meter reading software, provides a comprehensive feature set that allows utilities to reliably manage and automate the meter reading process.

With Neptune’s ARB® Utility Management Systems™, utilities can read their meters using a varietyof data collection technologies – walk-by, mobile, or fixed network. The Nomad is just one component of Neptune’s meter reading approach, allowing the meter reader to collect readings manually (keyed entry), probed, or via radio frequency (RF) with the R900® Belt Clip Receiver (BCR). Regardless of
the method, the Nomad offers the capability to reliably collect and store meter readings throughout the entire work day.

The Nomad is loaded with meter reading routes through an Ethernet communication/charging cradle using Neptune’s meter reading software or via USB with Windows Mobile Device Center. Communication/charging cradles are connected directly to a PC, a server supporting multiple computers, or the utility’s LAN. Any meter reading data on the handheld is backed up to the Nomad’s SD card until the unload process is completed. To unload meter reading data, the Nomad is inserted into the cradle at the office. Data is downloaded to the meter reading software and prepared for transfer to the billing system. The Nomad remains in the cradle to recharge so it is ready for work the next day. For RF capabilities, the Nomad is paired via Bluetooth with the R900 BCR. The R900 BCR is Neptune’s latest walk-by meter reading receiver and contains the latest in software defined radio (SDR) technology. Historically, receivers were integrated into the handheld; but with a separate belt clip device, the capabilities of the receiver are increased. In fact, the R900 BCR has a 50-channel receiver capable of processing eight readings simultaneously and 70 readings per second. This receiver is fully compatible with Neptune’s R900 MIU as well as Advantage and Pocket ProReader probe devices. For more information please refer to the R900 BCR product sheet.

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