Tru/Flo Compound Meters

All TRU/FLO® Compound water meters meet or exceed the latest performance and accuracy requirements set by the AWWA C702, and maximum continuous flow rates may be exceeded by as much as 25% for intermittent periods.

The TRU/FLO Compound water meter is designed to register wide-flow ranges where varying flow rates are typical. TRU/FLO meters combine the low-flow sensitivity of a disc-type meter with the high-flow capacity of a turbine-type meter.

The hydraulic valve transfers flow smoothly between the disc section and turbine section of the meter, minimizing the loss of accuracy in the crossover range. The turbine measuring element registers high flows and the disc measuring element registers low flows, ensuring accurate measurement at all flow rates. The TRU/FLO consists of a durable no-lead high copper alloy maincase, Neptune Turbine measuring element, Neptune T-10 chamber, a patented hydraulic valve, and two magneticdriven, roll-sealed registers.