Neptune Technologies Level One Distributor

In 2002, we were named a Level One Distributor for Neptune Technologies. This designation has several significant components:

We are required to keep one person on staff certified to provide training and ongoing support for water meter reading systems customers.

Our Systems Support Specialists Leigh Kalbli, Nathan Miller and Bob Becker are certified to provide local support for the life of all Neptune reading systems. We are required to participate actively in strategic planning sessions with Neptune Technology. We are given the tools to sell and support new products as they become available. We also serve as a conduit for our customers directly to those responsible for product development.

Field Services Division

Our Field Services Division was formed in 1995. To the existing offering of large meter testing and repair, it added several other services, listed in our enclosed line card. We have performed tens of thousands of installations, both in house and pit settings. Its structure includes:

Jarrett Lukens, Division Manager with responsibilities for all projects

Clarissa Shouse, Data Auditing Manager, responsible for all data accuracy and client communication

David Smiddy – Large Meter Crew Supervisor, responsible for commercial and industrial meter installation

Project Site Managers – On site managers responsible for all local facets of the  project, including work order fulfillment, field coordination, quality control, and customer contact.

     Frank Lindhorst

     Mike Jones

     David Smiddy

     Mickey Tackett

     Austin Lukens

     Bob Antonell

Field Division Techs – approximately 30 employees performing meter installations, large meter testing and support and the other field services we provide.

Customer Service Call Center

Our Customer Service Department and Call Center is in Cincinnati, handling appointment scheduling for all of our projects as well as providing service to all of our customers. The Call Center is easily expanded using remote server access technology and VOIP communications. Additional employees work from home as needed.

Technical Services Division

Our Technical Services Division has grown from the capabilities we have developed in support of the metering systems. We have developed software that has enhanced the customer’s experience as well as that of our Field Service Division in several situations. These offerings include data integration, work order software and usage analysis.

During the entire life of the system, the Tech Division will monitor the system, receiving daily notices of fixed base system status and alerts when issues arise.

The Tech Division includes:

Leigh Kalbli – Division Manager, responsible for reading system customer support, NECO Data Hosting structure, Neptune Equipment Internal network

Nathan Miller – responsible for reading system customer support, network support and software development

Kim Leslie – responsible for reading system support, network support,  asset tracking, and  project coordinator

Thomas Ryberg – responsible for onsite training, implementation and support of data collection infrastructure

Primary Personnel

Corporate Officers include:

Robert Becker, President, CEO

Mary Ellen Shouse, Chief Operating Officer

Matt Becker, Sales and Operations Director

Clarissa Shouse, Data Auditing Division Manager

Jarrett Lukens, Field Service Division Manager

Leigh Kalbli, Systems Support and IT Manager

Ray Schwarz, Ohio Sales Manager

Bill Howell, Kentucky Sales Manager